Hello, I'm Stephen Cole.  Thank you for visiting my site.

I've had the good fortune to work with so many talented people over the years.  To explore different genres and mediums and have different roles in each.  Today's technology makes creating music a bigger joy than ever, and I hope to share with you many of the explorations and new adventures in music that seem to keep tumbling through me.

I was fortunate to have my song "Crazy 'Bout You" selected as the featured song in the Hallmark Movie "For Better Or For Worse", and perhaps that's what led you here.  Perhaps I met you at a gig.  Maybe you want a great jingle for your business.  An intrepid web browser, a family member, an old friend. 

But however you got here, welcome!  

Please check out the varied musical selections on the menu.  It costs nothing to listen!  You'll find wacky, weird, and wonderful little moments along the way, to be sure, but you know.... they're all made with love.   

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Lookin' out my back door....